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Ever Wanted to Know More about Candle Magic?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Candle magic is a great option for those just beginning to explore the realm of spell work, or for those looking to expand upon current practices. fire represents illumination as well as transmutation, or the transformation of energy. Candles can also serve as a focal point during divination or meditation, or a tool for practicing energy work. Don't forget to trim your wicks before burning, always use fire safe candle holders, and never leave flames unattended.

Choosing a candle to align with your intentions is important. White candles are good for any type of candle magic, but specific colors can help with specific intentions. Black is best for banishing spells, green for money. blue brings clarity and communication, red works well for love or anything that requires an aggressive approach.

Inscribing a candle with an affirmation of your desired end result can be helpful. Use positive and present tense statements such as: "I clearly see the next steps to take." To focus on bringing something into your life, write the words from top to bottom. To release something, write from the bottom to the top. You may also want to draw sigils or protective symbols on the candle if you work with these.

Dressing a candle means to consecrate it in preparation for magical uses. to start, Make a few wells in the top of the wax and add a few drops of olive oil. You can also sprinkle dried herbs and flowers onto the top of the candle. Call in any deities or guides whose assistance you are requesting as you do this.

Light the candle with intention. Spend some time in meditation with the candle, visualizing your desired outcome or concentrating on your positive, present tense affirmations.

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